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Expand your French vocabulary, use authentic expressions, and develop your expression skills. Available for English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Over 2,000 creative minds have chosen Lorelingo as their trusted partner in mastering French.

For those who want to learn a different way

Learn from a unique and original approach, as easy as telling a story.

For those who like to create and explore

Let yourself be carried away by the creative process, write better French with your imagination.

For those who lack confidence

Stop feeling ashamed when you write in French, gain the confidence that will make you shine.

Also for those who don’t like to write

Don’t you like writing? We’ve done everything we can to change your mind. No one is born a writer.

How it Works

Get all the tools you need, in one app, to write simply, with regular feedback. Choose the length of the story, from 50 words to an endless story!

1- Pick a Story

Select a story idea from our library and follow the instructions.

2- Start Writing

Write freely, chapter by chapter, with the help of Lore, your writing buddy.

3- Get Corrected

Validate your chapter, receive a detailed correction, and continue with the next chapter.


Throughout your stories, I’ll be there to help you find the right words and spice things up.


Your writing buddy.

Create stories from a large choice of style

We’ve got over 100 story ideas to get you started: romance, science fiction, real-life dialogue, personal development, zany, speech… There’s something for everyone!


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